american express small business saturday

american express small business saturday: is a campaign that promotes shopping at local businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in the United States. This initiative aims to support small businesses and encourage consumers to shop locally, bolstering their communities and economies.   Small Business Saturday was first introduced in 2010 by American Express as a response to the economic downturn and the increasing popularity of online shopping. The campaign is now recognized as a significant event that drives foot traffic and sales for small businesses across the country.   By participating in Small Business Saturday, consumers can make a positive impact on their communities by supporting local businesses and helping them thrive. We will explore the history and significance of American Express Small Business Saturday and provide tips for small businesses to leverage this event for success.  

1. Supporting Local Businesses

  Show your support for local businesses this American Express Small Business Saturday and make a positive impact on your community. Discover unique stores, restaurants, and services while helping to stimulate the local economy.

Benefits Of Shopping At Local Businesses

Supporting local businesses is not only a feel-good action but also has numerous benefits for both the community and individuals. When you shop at local businesses, you contribute to:
  1. Promoting a vibrant local economy. By choosing to spend your money in local establishments, you help create jobs and spur economic growth within your community.
  2. Fostering a sense of community. Local businesses often become the heart and soul of a neighborhood, bringing people together and creating a strong sense of community pride.
  3. Preserving uniqueness and diversity. Local businesses offer a wide range of unique products and services that you may not find in big-box stores. Shopping locally helps preserve the distinct character of your community.
  4. Getting personalized service. Local business owners are more likely to provide personalized, friendly, and knowledgeable service. They take the time to build relationships with their customers, ensuring a positive experience.
  5. Reducing environmental impact. Shopping locally reduces the need for long-distance transportation, which leads to decreased carbon emissions and helps promote sustainability.

Impact Of Small Businesses On The Economy

Small businesses play a crucial role in driving the economy and fueling innovation. Here are some key ways in which they make a significant impact:
  • Job creation: Small businesses are responsible for creating a substantial portion of new jobs in the United States. These jobs not only provide employment opportunities but also contribute to the overall economic stability.
  • Economic growth: Small businesses contribute to the growth of the economy by generating revenue and increasing tax contributions. Their success creates a ripple effect, as they often source goods and services from other local businesses.
  • Innovation and competition: Small businesses are often at the forefront of innovation, introducing new products, services, and business models. Their presence fosters healthy competition, leading to improved consumer choices and quality.
  • Community development: Small businesses contribute to the development and revitalization of neighborhoods, bringing vitality, culture, and diversity to local communities.

How American Express Small Business Saturday Helps Local Businesses

American Express Small Business Saturday, an annual event held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is a powerful initiative that directly supports local businesses. Here’s how it makes a difference:
  • Increased visibility: Small businesses often struggle to compete against larger corporations with hefty marketing budgets. American Express Small Business Saturday shines a spotlight on local businesses, raising awareness and driving more customers to their doors.
  • Extra revenue: Participation in this event means an opportunity to attract new customers and increase sales. The influx of revenue can provide a much-needed boost for small businesses, aiding in their sustainability.
  • Community engagement: American Express Small Business Saturday encourages communities to come together and rally around their local businesses. It fosters a sense of camaraderie and encourages individuals to take an active role in supporting the business landscape of their neighborhood.
  • Partnerships: American Express partners with various organizations and provides resources to local businesses to enhance their marketing efforts and improve their chances of success on Small Business Saturday.
American Express Small Business Saturday is a remarkable opportunity for everyone to contribute to the growth and vitality of their local businesses. By participating in this initiative, you not only enjoy the benefits of shopping locally but also become an integral part of a thriving community.

2. History And Purpose Of American Express Small Business Saturday

When it comes to supporting local businesses, American Express Small Business Saturday has become a highly anticipated event in the United States. This initiative, now a decade old, aims to encourage consumers to shop at small businesses and show their support for their local communities. In this section, we will explore the origins of Small Business Saturday, the objectives and mission behind the initiative, as well as share some success stories and statistics from previous years.

Origins Of Small Business Saturday

The idea for Small Business Saturday originated in 2010 as a response to the growing popularity of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which mainly benefitted larger retailers. American Express, a company recognized for its commitment to small businesses, decided to launch this initiative as a way to promote local commerce during the holiday season. They envisioned a day where people could step away from the major retail chains and instead support the independent businesses that make their communities unique. To help generate awareness for Small Business Saturday, American Express offered special incentives to its cardholders who shopped at participating small businesses. This created a win-win situation, as it encouraged consumers to explore local shops, while providing economic stimulus to small businesses that often struggle to compete with larger corporations.

Objectives And Mission Of The Initiative

The primary objective of Small Business Saturday is to promote the growth and prosperity of small businesses across the United States. Its mission is to encourage consumers to “Shop Small” and make a tangible impact on their local economies. By redirecting consumer dollars from big-box stores to small businesses, this initiative aims to foster a sense of community and preserve the unique character of local neighborhoods. The overarching goal of Small Business Saturday is to raise awareness about the importance of supporting small businesses and to encourage people to make conscious purchasing decisions that contribute to the economic health of their communities. American Express recognized that by shopping at local establishments, consumers not only support the business owners themselves but also create job opportunities and promote a sustainable local economy.

Success Stories And Statistics From Previous Years

The success of Small Business Saturday has been evident year after year, with increasing participation from both small business owners and consumers. Here are some statistics that reflect the positive impact this initiative has had:
  • In 2019, an estimated 110 million people shopped on Small Business Saturday, generating over $19.6 billion in reported spending.
  • Over 7,500 Neighborhood Champions – volunteers who help raise awareness and organize events in their local communities – participated in 2019.
  • Since its inception, Small Business Saturday has gained support from various organizations, including chambers of commerce, municipalities, and small business associations across all 50 states.
The success stories from small business owners who have benefitted from Small Business Saturday are numerous. Many report significant increases in sales and customer traffic during this period, helping them sustain and grow their businesses. Additionally, the exposure generated through American Express’s marketing initiatives surrounding the event often leads to long-lasting benefits for participating businesses, as they attract new customers who become loyal patrons throughout the year. Overall, Small Business Saturday has proven to be an effective initiative for supporting local businesses and encouraging consumers to make a positive impact on their communities. With each passing year, this event continues to demonstrate the power of small business and the significance of shopping small.

3. How To Participate In American Express Small Business Saturday

Participating in American Express Small Business Saturday is a great way to support local businesses and engage with your community. This initiative, held annually on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, encourages consumers to shop at small businesses and helps these businesses thrive. Here’s how you can participate:

Registering As A Small Business

Registering your small business for Small Business Saturday is a simple process that can provide you with a range of benefits. By registering, you can benefit from American Express’ promotional efforts and gain increased visibility among potential customers.
  1. Visit the American Express Shop Small website.
  2. Create an account or log in if you already have one.
  3. Navigate to the Small Business Saturday page.
  4. Click on the “Register Your Business” button.
  5. Provide the required information about your business, including its name, address, and contact details.
  6. Submit the registration form.
Once you’ve registered, American Express will provide you with various resources and promotional materials to help you make the most of Small Business Saturday.

Promotional Materials Provided By American Express

American Express offers a range of promotional materials to help you spread the word about your participation in Small Business Saturday and attract more customers. These materials are designed to catch attention and create awareness:
  • Printable posters and banners that can be displayed in your store.
  • Social media graphics and templates to use on your digital platforms.
  • Email templates to reach out to your customers and encourage them to support your business on Small Business Saturday.
By utilizing these materials, you can effectively promote your business and drive traffic to your store or website on this special day.

Strategies For Maximizing Participation And Visibility

To ensure maximum participation and visibility on Small Business Saturday, consider implementing the following strategies:
  1. Create special deals and discounts: Offer exclusive promotions or discounts to incentivize customers to choose your business over larger alternatives.
  2. Collaborate with other local businesses: Partner with neighboring businesses to cross-promote each other, potentially reaching a wider audience.
  3. Implement effective signage: Advertise your Small Business Saturday offers prominently through eye-catching signs and banners both inside and outside your store.
  4. Engage with customers on social media: Leverage the power of social media platforms to connect with your audience, share updates, and create buzz around your participation.
  5. Offer personalized shopping experiences: Provide exceptional customer service and a unique shopping experience to make customers feel valued and more likely to return in the future.
By following these strategies, you can maximize your participation and visibility during American Express Small Business Saturday, driving customer engagement and sales for your small business.
American Express Small Business Saturday

4. Promoting Small Business Saturday As A Consumer

As a consumer, you have the power to make a difference in your local community and support small businesses. American Express Small Business Saturday is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Here are some effective ways to promote and participate in Small Business Saturday:

Encouraging Friends And Family To Participate

One of the best ways to promote Small Business Saturday is by spreading the word to your friends and family. Encourage them to support local businesses on this special day. Share your excitement and let them know why it’s important to shop small. Mention the amazing discounts and unique products they can discover by shopping at local businesses. By building awareness among your loved ones, you can create a ripple effect that will benefit small businesses in your community.

Social Media Campaigns And Hashtags

Take advantage of the power of social media to promote Small Business Saturday. Use popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share posts, photos, and videos that highlight local businesses in your area. Use hashtags such as #ShopSmall or #SmallBusinessSaturday to engage a wider audience and generate buzz around the event. Tag the small businesses you visit and share your positive experiences. By leveraging the reach of social media, you can amplify the impact of your support for small businesses and inspire others to participate as well.

Creating A Shopping Plan For The Day

Planning ahead can ensure you make the most out of Small Business Saturday. Take some time to research the local businesses in your area and identify the ones you want to visit. Make a list of the products or services you’re interested in purchasing so you have a clear plan of action. Prioritize the businesses you want to support the most and organize your itinerary accordingly. This way, you can maximize your time and resources, and ensure you don’t miss out on any deals or promotions. Remember, when creating your shopping plan, be mindful of your budget. It’s tempting to splurge when there are so many amazing products and offers available, but try to stick to a reasonable spending limit. Even small purchases can make a big difference to local businesses, so don’t feel the pressure to overspend.

5. The Future Of American Express Small Business Saturday

The future of American Express Small Business Saturday looks promising as the movement continues to gain momentum and support across the United States. With its success in promoting and driving traffic to local businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, there are several exciting possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead for this initiative. In this section, we will explore three key aspects that will shape the future of American Express Small Business Saturday.

Expanding The Movement Globally

One of the most significant developments for the future of American Express Small Business Saturday is its potential for global expansion. As this movement gains recognition and popularity in the United States, there is an excellent opportunity to bring it to other countries, allowing small businesses worldwide to benefit from increased visibility and customer engagement. Expanding globally would not only help drive local economies in other nations but also allow American Express to strengthen its global brand presence and demonstrate its commitment to supporting small businesses worldwide. By leveraging its existing infrastructure, partnerships, and resources, American Express can work collaboratively with local organizations and governments to replicate the success of Small Business Saturday in diverse markets.

Potential Challenges And Opportunities

While the future looks bright, there are potential challenges and opportunities that American Express Small Business Saturday may face. Adapting and innovating to meet the evolving needs of small businesses and consumers is crucial to sustain and enhance the impact of this movement. Challenges may include finding new ways to engage with younger shoppers who primarily shop online, considering the growing influence of e-commerce. Exploring opportunities to integrate technology by leveraging social media platforms and other digital marketing tools can help address this challenge and ensure the continued relevance and success of the movement.

Increasing Awareness And Engagement Through Collaboration

Collaboration will play a vital role in increasing awareness and engagement for American Express Small Business Saturday. Joining forces with other like-minded organizations, nonprofits, and local communities can amplify the reach and impact of this movement. A collaborative approach can involve organizing local events, partnering with influencers, and engaging in joint marketing campaigns to foster a sense of community and encourage consumers to support small businesses not only on Small Business Saturday but throughout the year. By working together, American Express and its partners can maximize their resources and creativity, creating a vibrant ecosystem that empowers small businesses, supports local economies, and fosters a strong sense of community pride.

Frequently Asked Questions Of American Express Small Business Saturday


What Is American Express Small Business Saturday?

  American Express Small Business Saturday is an annual event that encourages people to support local small businesses by shopping and dining at them. It takes place on the Saturday after Thanksgiving and aims to help small businesses generate sales and reach new customers.  

How Can I Participate In American Express Small Business Saturday?

  To participate in American Express Small Business Saturday, simply shop and dine at local small businesses on the designated day. You can also spread the word on social media using the hashtag #ShopSmall and encourage others to support small businesses too.  

Why Should I Support Small Businesses On American Express Small Business Saturday?

  Supporting small businesses on American Express Small Business Saturday is important because it helps boost the local economy, creates jobs, and contributes to the unique character of your community. Small businesses often provide personalized service and offer a wide range of specialty products that you won’t find at big box stores.  

Are There Any Special Offers Or Discounts On American Express Small Business Saturday?

  Yes, many small businesses offer special discounts, promotions, or incentives to attract customers on American Express Small Business Saturday. You can check with individual businesses or visit the official American Express Small Business Saturday website for participating businesses and any exclusive deals.  


  American Express Small Business Saturday is a valuable initiative that supports local businesses and stimulates economic growth. By encouraging consumers to shop small and highlighting the importance of supporting local merchants, this event helps create a sense of community and promotes sustainable business practices.   Participating in Small Business Saturday not only benefits the individual businesses, but also has a positive ripple effect on the overall economy. So, mark your calendars and make a conscious effort to shop small on this special day!


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